If you don't have time to adopt, foster or volunteer, donations of any size, monetary or physical, will gladly be taken!


In order to help these beautiful and charismatic pets, we need money and supplies to make sure they have enough food, water, other supplies and are able to be transported. Without donations, NAPR wouldn't be possible.

Donations are one of New Albany Pet Rescue's four key components that are critical to our success. Monetary donations as well as collars, leashes, food, treats, toys and kitty litter are needed and greatly appreciated!!


No donation is too small - and of course too large.


For physical donations such as collars, leashes, food, treats, toys and kitty litter, please send them to the following address:


7301 Waterston

New Albany, OH 43054


For monetary donations, click the "Donate" button below the Piggy bank!


We/They THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity!